Thursday, 17 April 2014

Coarse Fishing

Many of our members enjoy Coarse Fishing as well as Game and in an effort to promote more fishing opportunities within West Lothian we took the decision to join the Scottish Federation for Coarse Anglnig. Membership of the SFCA allows members of WLAA to fish the Lowland Canal Network which includes Forth & Clyde and Union Canals.

The Union Canal is of particular interest to us as many of our members are already fishing there and it passes through West Lothian via Broxburn, Winchburgh & Linlithgow, there's a lot of water to be fished even between the Almond and Avon aqueducts and it is our hope that members will take the opportunity to enjoy the coarse fishing available.

Our membership of the SFCA runs from 1st April - 31st March and will be reviewed annually at the AGM.

Union Canal
The main targets on the Union Canal are Roach and Perch however there are also Pike, Carp and the possibility of the odd surprise catch, you will have to be properly dedicated to catch a Carp but for the pleasure angler the Roach and Perch will provide a good days sport.

Fishing is 100% C&R with barbless hooks and a landing net must be used, please take care not to damage fish stocks, don't leave any litter on the bank and don't light any fires, no fishing is permitted around moorings. A full set of rules will be available on the site shortly.

The Canals can be busy at times with other users including boats, joggers, dog walkers and cyclists so be aware of this and take care not to disrupt these activities, special care is needed when pole fishing.

A new board will be added to the members forum to discuss coarse fishing so any questions should be posted there.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Big Thanks!

A big thank you to everyone who came along to the clean up last night, great effort!

We were able to clear the area between Kirkton Weir and the Concrete Walkway of debris making it safer for wading anglers, we also removed a good bit of general waste including plastics and metals. Among the rubbish was one mini motorbike and one bicycle, it's really amazing what people throw into the river. Looking at these items their couldn't have been much wrong with them when they went into the river as apart from corrosion damage they seemed intact.

The village is the easy part of the river as in general it's fairly well kept but as we move further downstream the challenge will increase. The next clean up is on the 13th May and we'll be clearing similar items from the Howden area starting at the Stadium, this is really where it gets tougher so as always we are looking for as many volunteers as possible. If you can be available on this date between 17:30 and 19:30 your elbow grease would be greatly appreciated.

The river begins to open up a bit more in this area so access will be a little easier but there will be a lot more junk.

The Almond Pool

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Trout Season

Well, the trout season has got off to a flyer with members reporting good catches on the fly. Trout have been taken on dries, nymphs and wets showing that they are in good form and readily feeding. The weather has been a bit nicer over the last few days with cold starts and brightening, warmer sunshine later in the days, hopefully this will continue.

We have our first Tenkara day on Saturday so hopefully the skies will be clear and we can at least have the weather on our side. It should be interesting to see what our members make of this style of fly fishing.

Our river clean-ups start back up again in April and we'll be having one each month ongoing to try to remover some of the bigger debris in the river, this should help to make it a bit safer for wading anglers and leave the fish only natural snags to wrap our lines around and escape.....

A nice early season trout

Keep a tight line!